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Task Toolbar

Task toolbar page organizes tasks actions in Emakin, and you can manage and delegate tasks in this page. Task toolbar stable actions are close, print, add, remove labels and forward.

  • Close is used for leaving the task without saving it.
  • Move button is used to move a task from the list to another label.
  • Label as button is used to select or open any task from list in the display label toolbar.
  • Print is used to print task. 
  • History button is used to see the history information of a task.
  • Forward button is used to delegate task to the user, group or a unit.

Approve button and reject button are created when process is designed.

Locked Tasks

Locked tasks locks task to the selected user in Emakin. Some of the tasks may be sent to more than one person in your organization, and when you open the task you may see a locked form. A locked form is only for previewing the task, and cannot be unlocked until lock time is expired, or the task is closed without taking any other action, by the user who have locked the form. Locked jobs appear locked in other users' work list and form.

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