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Work list is a list of to-do tasks while running a business process. For example approving an expense form is a task for manager or resolving a reported technical problem is a task for service desk.

Tool bar, work list tool bar and filter bar are used to manage the worklist. 

Tool Bar

Tool bar is allowing the user to select their tasks and manage the task list.

Renews your work list.

Searches your tasks.

User Panel
See your profile information in the user panel option.

You can reach to with help. explains all things in Emakin.

Work List Tool Bar

Tasks are listed in the work list tool bar. 

Task Name

What the task is about and instructions of what must be done to complete the task. You can open the task by clicking on a task name.

Started At
When the task is started. Will be updated.

Deadline date of the task, if set. When deadline date passes, Emakin automatically closes the task and advances.

Folder name of the task. Beginner task is created from an inside process in the folder.

Track number of tasks. Each started process gets an incremental number for tracking if needed. You can open more detailed history of task by clicking on a track number.


Paging provides to list your tasks with the row options.

Previous Page and Next Page
Selects your old and new tasks pages.

Filter option is listing tasks in the work list by the given parameters. Tasks name are separated from each other under the filter, also task count is written near the task name. When you click on the task name under the filter, related tasks are listed in the work list bar.