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User panel place is found at the top-right side of the screen, to carry out user-specific actions like changing your password, program language or configuring system notifications. By clicking on a username, a pop-up window appears in the interface. These pop-up links are My Profile, My Organization and Log Out.

My Profile

My profile is a short description of user information. My profile is consisting of a basic information section, preferences section and logon methods section.

Basic Information

Basic information step manages the identity information of users.

Display Name
Display name is user's mail address or any name shown on the users panel.

e-Mail Address
e-mail address of a user.

Name of a user.

Surname of a user.


Preferences section is used to add image, e-mail address, language and themes features.

Profile Picture
Add any image to show a picture beside your comments, actions etc. in the activities stream on the task screen.

Preferred Language
You can change user language in the Emakin. Users will see language and at the same time language cultural in the brackets. Language cultural options will help users to choose language specific formatting like numbers, dates etc.

Date Format
Date format provides changing of date style of the user interface.

    Options are:

  •   Auto Format

  •   Short Date

  •   Long Date

Themes option provides changing of a color style of the user interface.

    Colors options are:

  •   Default

  •   Blocks
  •   Blue

  •   Clean
  •   DustyRose
  •   Green
  •   Purple
  •   Sun

You can learn how to change user profile preference settings by watching this video :

Logon Methods
Logon methods is managed to set password process and login into Emakin using an external authentication process. *

Set Password:

  • Click Set Password.
  • Enter your password.
  • Enter your password for confirmation.
  • Click Set Password button.

Add New Logon:

  • Click Set Password or New Logon button.
  • Click any logon.

You can learn how to change your password by watching this video :

Log Out

Lets user log off from the system securely. All of the stored cookies are removed from the system and the user is redirected to the log in page.