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Emakin market is a medium that allows potential costumers to meet our vertical applications. Vertical applications are prepared applications, also those are using from our customers. Vertical applications title and summary are listed in the market. You can have a detailed information when you click on the title of the application. All of the applications are explained in the titles below.

Vertical application page offers the application of specifications in the three part. Those are the "features", "licensing" and "details". 


Features part reports the purpose and specifications of an application, and for which problem solutions it can be used. Application features are defined through the main heading, subtitles and step of screenshots.


Licensing part allows users access limit in the Emakin.  Limit specification can be changed depending on the application features. System sets use the three ways to decide the licensing of an application; those are the quota, the users posts and the project piece.


Details part defines the other features of an application.

Last edition number of an application.

Type of a licence.

Classification of an application.

The person who is responsible for this application.

How To Trial Any Application?

For more information, click here.

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