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Emakin BPMS keeps all records of transactions during the execution of processes. Within History, all details, such as who started the work, when the next steps are started and finished, what is being done, who owns the current step and so on, are stored as records.

History information can be displayed both in a graphical layout based on a process map, and in a classic table order. Since history information contains process time, it enables analysis of areas in which process improvements can be identified after a certain point of use.

Task Name
Name of a task. When you click on the blue task name, this task form will open on the new page.

Started At
Start date of a task. 

Finished At
Finish date of a task. 

Assigned To
Person, department or group responsible for a task.

Current state of a task. 

Start task
Completed task
Waiting task 

Is Deadlined?
Automatically completed date of a task.

Completed By
Person who completed the task. 

Type of an action. 

Task Color Definition in the Diagram:

GreyCompleted task
RedWaiting task
OrangeNext task

History Buttons Definition:

To be used for leaving the history page.
To be used to enlarge the history page.
To be used to downsize the history page.
To be used to reach the subflow tasks. By clicking on this button, parent task instance number and sub tasks instance number will be listed. You can look at each of the sub task history.

You can learn how to view task history in the worklist by watching this video

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