What is Emakin, and how does it work?

Emakin is designed to manage your business processes and is a complete low-code business process management solution that provides a dynamic, easy-to-use environment for all types of processes. In addition to the easy and efficient process development features, it allows you to manage all your business needs from a single platform with its case management feature.

With the Market Store of Emakin, you can instantly start using the existing processes designed by other users. Can't find the process you're looking for? Design your own! It's that easy.

What is a process?

Put simply; a process is a way of doing your work. It's a structured way of organizing activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product.

For example: When your computer is malfunctioning, you may call a technical person on the phone and wait for him to come over, or you may start Emakin's Incident Request process that is automatically assigned to the relevant technical personnel instantly, and the status of your request is tracked in real-time.

Using a clearly-defined process flow saves you from chaos while doing your work. All of your daily business activities can ultimately be defined as a process.

What is case management?

A case is a set of interrelated activities. It may have participants like people, departments or external systems. If companies want to manage their cases, they must organize all participants. With Emakin's case management feature, companies can manage all cases through the channel feature, communicate with external systems and people, keep track of the staff's or department's doings while associating them between cases and processes.

What is low-code?

Low Code is a relatively recent trend involving visual tools to develop and deliver applications. This means that instead of using traditional coding languages like JavaScript, low-code platforms have drag-and-drop features and pre-configured elements. 

This allows users to assemble application processes like Legos allows people to assemble structures. Not only does this make application development easier and more accessible to non-professional developers, but it also makes the process much faster. 

Starting to use Emakin

The first step is to register your domain. Registered domains are free of charge for an unlimited period of time. Depending on your business needs, you can install the pre-build apps from the Emakin market store to manage various processes or design your own process(es) if needed.

Since most business processes need organizational data, Emakin automatically starts a new "Organization Designer" process after you register and assigns it to you as a task to define your organizational structure. This task is optional, which means that you can open it and build your organization hierarchy straight away or skip it for later.

All processes work just like an email client:

When you initiate a process, emakin assigns the following tasks to the people in your organization. When they complete their tasks, the process moves to the next step. Some processes may be started automatically by the system. For example, reminding you of a customer's birthday every year.

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