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What is emakin and how does it work?

Emakin is designed to manage your business processes and is a complete business process management solution that provides a dynamic, easy-to-use environment for all types of processes. With the Market Store of Emakin, you can instantly start to use existing processes designed by other users. Can't find the process you're looking for? Design your own! It's that easy.

What is a process?

Put simply, a process is a way of doing your work. It's a structured way of organizing activities or tasks that produce a specific service or a product.

For example: When your computer is malfunctioning, you may call a technical person on the phone and wait for him to come over, or you may start Emakin's Incident Request process that is automatically assigned to the relevant technical personnel instantly, and the status of your request is traced in real time.

Using a clearly-defined process flow saves you from the chaos while doing your work. All of your daily business activities can ultimately be defined as a process.

Starting to use Emakin

The first step is to register your domain. Registered domains are free of charge and for an unlimited period of time. Depending on your business needs, you can then install pre-builded apps from Emakin market store to manage various processes or you can design your own process(es) if needed.

Because most business processes need organizational data, after you have registered, emakin automatically starts a new "Organization Designer" process and assigns a task to you related to your organizational structure. This task is optional, so you can open it and build your organization hierarchy straight away, or skip it for now and define it later.

All processes work just like an email client:

When you start a process, emakin assigns next tasks to the people in your organization. When they complete the task, the process moves to the next step if required. Some processes may be started automatically by the system. For example, reminding you of a customer's birthday every year.

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