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An activity stream is a list of recent activities performed by a user on an emakin. The activity stream is unique for each user in the system and users can't see other users' activity stream list. Also, you can send message to other users in the emakin with activity stream.

Add comment into the message field.

It is used to import files or document in to message.
It is used to add link in to message.

Share To
This field is used for choosing if the message will be sent to the user, group or unit.

Submit is send action button.

Cancel is canceled action button.

When you send the message to your collaborator, your collaborator will see your message on their activity stream page.

Import Options
You can import files into the message box using different options.

  • My computer, you can use to import files from your computer into emakin.
  • Camera, you can take a photo using your computer camera and attach this photo into the message box.
  • Google drive, you can use to import files from your google drive account into emakin.
  • One drive, you can use to import files from your one drive account into emakin.
  • Office 365, you can use to import files from your office 365 account into emakin.

Activity Heartbeat
You can follow your emakin activities and the total system activities in activity heartbeat diagram.

  • The yellow line is your activities.
  • The red line is the total system's activities.

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